Ring O'Bells Campaign Limited is registered with the FCA as a Community Benefit Society

The main features of this Society are:

  • Community Members purchase shares in the Society

  • The Society will function democratically, with each member having one vote on decisions

  • Profits of the Society are used to benefit the local community, as decided by the Shareholders, profits are not paid back to Shareholders

  • There will be an Asset Lock on the RO'B which prevents it being sold for the benefit of the Shareholders

  • The Shareholders will elect a Management Committee to oversee the running of RO'B

  • Management Committee will appoint a full time professional manager to operate RO'B under guidelines set by the Management Committee

We have adopted the Model Rules for a Community Benefit Society provided by the Plunkett Foundation

The full set of rules can be down loaded by clicking the link below.

Click the Icon to download Ring O'Bells Limited
Community Benefit Society Rules